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What type of glass should I choose?

When ordering a custom frame you will be given the choice between clear and non reflective glass. Clear glass is totally transparent where non reflective glass has a slightly textured or stippled surface.

Non reflective glass is the more common choice and is the best option if your picture will be mounted in a room that has lots of large windows or a bright light source directly opposite the picture. The textured surface on this type of glass lessens the reflection that can be seen. The drawback is that a small amount of clarity is lost when viewing the picture due to the surface of the glass not being totally smooth, this becomes more noticable as the distance between the image and the glass increases. This is barely noticable on most custom framed images. If however you have a high resolution photo printed on quality photo paper this effect may be undesireable and clear glass would be a better choice. This type of glass is also not suitable for box frames and clear glass must be used.

Clear glass is totally transparent and does not hinder the clarity of any image which it is placed over. This type of glass is very prone to refection and unless the frame is placed in a suitable location the image may not be visable from certain places in a room due to large amounts reflection. Clear glass is the only type of glass that can be used for box framing as it does not obscure an image if it is with a gap between the image and glass.


Choosing the right mount board.

Chosing a mount it totally an individual choice and it is very unlikely that two different people would chose the same mounts if both were given the same image to frame.

As a basic guidline neutral, colours tend to be more pleasing to a larger audience than bright or heavily contrasting colours.

Where possible, choose mounts that compliment the picture and frame rather than trying to frame a picture to suit a specific room. Room styles can chance often and you may find it difficult to encorporate your frames in a new room design if they were done to match previous decors.

A piece of 3mm clear picture framing glass
Non reflective / pure view picture framing glass
Showing the difference between clear and non reflective picture frame glass
Custom Framed Print - Black Frame
Custom Framed Samurai Swords
Custom Frame sunset print - Silver Frame
Custom Frame Sunset print - White & Black mount


Custom Framing - Best Prices, Best Service, Best Quality!

With over 12 years experience in the picture framing industry we have the technical expertise and creative know how to transform your ideas from imagination to reality! 

We combine traditional custom framing techniques & Skills with modern design software & equipment. As part of our service we are able to create custom mock up samples of your framing project, using different frame and colour combinations. This assists you by literally seeing your picture framed before you decide to go ahead with a framing project. We offer this service to all of our clients free of charge. If you do not have a photo of the item you would like framed, we will gladly come to you and photograph it for you.

We also offer a free delivery and collection service in Gauteng.

Why custom picture framing? 

A Custom picture framing service is one of very few remaining services where the majority of the work is still carried out by hand.

If you were to look around you, almost everything you see has been mass produced in some form or another. Custom picture framing allows you to break away from this ever increasing trend and choose something truly unique, something truly creative, Something truly YOU!

When you place an order for custom picture framing with Lazer Art & Frame, your job will be handed over to skilled craftsman who will cut, join & assemble everything by hand, from the frame to the mount boards and backboards. We even cut our own glass in - house.  

If you have received a quotation from another picture framer, give us a call and we will beat it!


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